High mast light poles

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The high mast with raising and lowering gear system is a safe system due to reliable service hoist which raises and lowers the fixtures ring for maintenance purposes.
Raising & lowering gear system consists of the following major parts as shown in our catalogue:

1- Head Frame.
2- Luminaries Ring.
3- Single or Double Drum Winch.
4- Portable power tool with Portable Electrical Motor.
The raising & lowering system is a special electromechanical arrangement which is procured by us .

High Mast Shape:

he high masts (15-40m) are usually made out of continuously tapered steel shafts with polygonal shape of sixteen sides, with dimensions and thicknesses complying to the structural design analysis and suitable to suit the raising & lowering mechanism.
Shafts are made from steel sheets folded to required shape and welded longitudinally by automatic arc welding machine
Shafts are made out of multiple segments depending on the height of the mast, each segment will have length of not more than 12m, with minimum overlap of 1.5 times of the female segment across flat.
Circular or Square base plate with holes suitable for the anchor bolts is welded to the bottom of the shaft by double fillet weld according to international standard, base plate will be open in the centre to allow cables in.
Base plate dimensions given in our drawings are complying with structural design analysis and the foundation requirements.
Anchor bolts to fix the base plate to the concrete foundation are supplied with the required nuts and washers and having the size and dimensions as per the structural analysis.
Shaft is provided with a door opening at a convenient height with dimensions and size complying with the requirements of the raising & lowering mechanism. Door opening is reinforced to maintain shaft strength; In addition, a rubber gasket is fixed around the door frame for weatherproofing.
Door cover is fixed to the shaft by using steel Hinges.
An Earthing lug is welded inside the shaft at the door opening level and equipped with the required bolts, nuts and washers for earthing.
Straightness, tolerances and plumbness of the pole are maintained within permissible limits according to international standards.


Design wind speed is 160 Km/hr or as per the customer request multiplied by gust factor of 1.3 (Gust speed is 208 Km/ hr or as specified in the project specifications)
Design of high masts is performed utilizing Computer software to analyse the high mast shaft, base plate and anchor bolts.


Material used to fabricate the high mast components will be in accordance of international standards and as per the project specifications.


No welding, cutting or drilling is done after galvanising.

The anchor bolts including nuts and washers are hot dip galvanised according to ASTM A 153.

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